CT Brain Perfusion 4D


CT Brain Perfusion 4D* aids with assessing the whole brain and evaluating perfusion deficits by displaying 4D-DSA (digital subtraction angiography) views of blood flow in the vessels and 3D perfusion maps. It supports the physician in visualizing the apparent blood perfusion in brain tissue affected by acute stroke. Automated tools help to efficiently visualize anatomy and pathology.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic calculation of quantitative brain perfusion results:
    • Regional Cerebral Blood Volume (rCBV)
    • Mean Transit Time (MTT)
    • Regional Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF)
    • Time-to-Peak of tissue response curve (TTP)
    • Delay of tissue response curve
  • Single-view Summary Map for communicating the perfusion results
  • 4D cine of the DSA view for visualizing the flow of contrast through the vessels


*CT Brain Perfusion 4D is a VitreaTM Advanced Visualization application manufactured by Vital Images, Inc.
Always refer to the Instructions For Use supplied with the product for complete instructions, indications and cautions.