Better patient care in
one Interventional
Lab/CT solution.

Infinix-i 4D CT incorporates Canon Medical Systems’ award winning angiography and CT capabilities in the same space.

True CT imaging prior, during, and after the interventional procedures.

Real CT imaging available on demand may help you to:

  • Improve visualization and device manipulation
  • Offer anatomical and functional information
  • Eliminate patient transfer
  • Confirm procedural goal

As a result Infinix-i 4D CT may help you to:

  • Improve Workflow
  • Reduce time-to and time-of procedure
  • Increase patient safety
  • Reduce costs

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Clinical Gallery


CT Hepatic Artery Fusion.

Images acquired by 4D CT can be superimposed with fluoro and be utilized for roadmap during procedure. The 3D image display changes according to the C-arm rotation angle, C-arm sliding angle, SID, field size, tabletop height, and tabletop panning of the X-ray angiography system.

Angio CT same-room installation provides a flexible workspace to support a wide variety of procedures.

Access and Movements

Canon Medical Systems’ Infinix-i 4D CT seamlessly integrates the interventional lab and CT scanner for a paradigm shift in interventional workflow. Switching between the two systems is smooth and fast. The two systems can be used in tandem without having to park one of them. The C-arm can either be parked at the base of the table for a fast transition between CT and Angiographic imaging, or away from the table increasing access.

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System Configurations

Configure your Infinix-i 4D CT with the CT system that meets your needs.

Infinix-i Sky

The Infinix-i C-arm provides unprecedented access to the patient and enhances the multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

  • 12" × 16" Flat Panel Detector
  • 3D Angiography
  • Volume Navigation 3D roadmapping
  • 3D Multi-Modality Fusion
  • Tableside Controls

Infinix-i Sky

Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition

  • 0.5 mm × 320 detector
  • 640 slices per rotation*
  • 16 cm of coverage per rotation
  • 0.275 sec rotation
  • 100 kW generator with SUREkV
  • 78 cm gantry opening
  • AIDR 3D Enhanced

Aquilion ONE Volume Perfusion Liver*

Liver perfusion post chemo-embolization of Hepatocellular carcinoma. The ability to evaluate tumor response or anti-angiogenesis could make CT body perfusion a valuable clinical tool. 16 cm of z-axis coverage are key to accurately measuring whole organ perfusion.

Liver Perfusion Protocol: DLP = 720.8, Effective dose = 10.81 mSv (k = 0.015)

Aquilion PRIME

  • 78 cm bore
  • Up to 160 slice*
  • 0.35s rotation time

Aquilion PRIME

*ConeXact double slice reconstruction.
CT table not Included.


CT and Angiography without moving the patient improves workflow.

The unique SUREGuidance feature in Canon medical systems' Infinix-i 4D CT system provides a fast and accurate position linkage means of centralizing the target exposure area between CT and Angiography.

The CT gantry, Angiographic C-arm and table moves automatically to do the rest, improving workflow and saving procedure time.
Advanced Visualization SUREGuidance Demo

*Only available with the Aquilion PRIME system.

Clinical Segments

Infinix-i Systems have been designed for mechanical flexibility. Our exclusive configurations drive efficient resource utilization, across multiple clinical disciplines.

Patient transfer is eliminated.

Interventional Oncology/Radiology

True CT imaging, in the same room, may assist in device manipulation, treatment and confirmation, potentially increasing efficiency.123

True CT instead of "CT-Like" imaging offers:

  • Improved IQ due to reduced motion artifacts
  • Whole Organ Body Perfusion
  • Larger axial FOV
  • Improved Low Contrast Detectability

  1. Impact of a Unified CT Angiography System on Outcome of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, H. Toyoda,, American Journal of Roentgenology, 2009;192:766-774.
  2. Angio CT for miscellaneous cases: complex RFA, drainages, A. Gogna, IR 2013 Angio CT Studies Update
  3. Angio CT for SIRT, T. K. Hiong, IR 2013 Angio CT Studies Update

Enhanced workflow for cardiac procedures.

Cardiovascular Procedures

Cardiac Interventions (e.g., TAVR, CTO) are enhanced by the ability to perform Cardiac CT imaging in the interventional room.

  • Cardiac CT imaging can aid clinicians in device visualization during guidance and deployment
  • Cardiac CT images can also be used in conjunction with Multi-Modality Fusion and 3D Roadmapping