Improved Patient Safety and Access

The ability to lower table height to 31.2 cm above the floor facilitates easy access for bariatric and other patients with physical limitations.

Aquilion LB delivers Canon Medical Systems' advanced CT technology in a robust system configuration that delivers the highest quality images at the lower doses. And increases confidence in clinical decision making for the widest range of patients.

The Quantum advantage

Make flexibility work to your advantage.

Aquilion LB provides the advanced capabilities you need for the most challenging cases. The QuantumPLUS detector, with a true 70 cm field-of-view enables unparalleled image quality for larger patients. 4D acquisition and respiratory gating capabilities enable motion management in radiation therapy.

Use the advantage of the QuantumPLUS detector during bariatric imaging.

90 cm gantry bore comfortably accommodates larger patients
40% greater FOV without extrapolation
Best low-contrast resolution at the lowest dose


Personalized Dose Management

AIDR 3D has been developed as the next step in the evolution of noise reduction technology.
AIDR 3D, Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction, is designed to lower radiation dose and maximize image quality all with accelerated workflow.
Integrated into SUREExposure3D settings, this iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, by analyzing and processing the data repeatedly.
AIDR3D Overview