Dose Reduction

Every Patient. Every Time.

The industry's most comprehensive dose management controls include Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D (AIDR 3D Enhanced) technology and SUREkV, which automatically optimize dose for every procedure and make it possible to scan more dose-sensitive patients.

Forward projected model-based Iterative Reconstruction SoluTion

FIRST Integrated

Following Canon Medical Systems’ long standing philosophy for minimizing dose, while maintaining clinical workflow. FIRST can fit seamlessly into daily clinical practice.

  • Integrated, fast, anatomically optimized and easy to implement MBIR
  • Integrated into SUREExposure 3D ensuring automatic dose reduction of up to 84.6% as compared to filtered back projection
  • Improved high contrast spatial resolution
  • Delivers natural looking image quality due to targeted anatomical modelling
  • Simultaneously reconstruct with Instaview
FIRST Overview

Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction integrated into

SUREExposure3D - AIDR 3D

AIDR 3D has been developed as the next step in the evolution of noise reduction technology. This iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, by analyzing and processing the data repeatedly.

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Increase lines of care with unique bariatric-friendly features.

Bariatric Patients Benefits

Aquilion ONE Family of scanners meet the imaging needs for this population with:
  • 78 cm gantry opening
  • 8.4 cm of lateral movement with Tech Assist Lateral Slide
  • Optional 300 kg couch capacity
  • Flare gantry design to help reduce claustrophobia

A simple solution to position patients quickly and efficiently.

Tech Assist Lateral Slide

8.4 cm of lateral table movement 
  • Assist technologist in positioning and moving patient
  • Center patient in CT bore, improved mA modulation (dose) and image resolution
Tech Assist Demo

Automated technique for kV selection


  • Integrated and easy to use radiation dose management
  • Automated kV selection based on patient size, SUREExposure settings and clinical task
  • Clinically targeted kV selections of: 80, 100, 120, 135