This is truly a new standard
for ultrasound systems.

Xario 100 Platinum Series

Excellent image quality with simple operation, Xario™ 100 provides high performance not only in clinics and examination rooms but also in wards and many other settings due to its outstanding mobility. This is truly a new standard for ultrasound systems.

Easy - Optimal image quality with easy operation

  • Xario™ 100, with its uncluttered operating panel for intuitive operation, promotes efficient examinations. The key layout can be changed as desired to ensure easy operation in every hospital department. 
  • The system features Quick Scan, for optimizing B-mode image quality or Spectrum Doppler waveforms with one-touch operation, and Quick Start, for optimizing with one button a range of parameters related to the patient's body size or the examination region, allowing optimal image quality to be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Compact - Small, lightweight, and easy to handle

  • Xario™ 100 is a lightweight, compact, and energy-saving system that also offers a high level of basic performance. These features make the system ideal for performing examinations in a limited space.
  • A printer and video recording device can be mounted, and a basket for storing accessories such as optional transducers and ECG cables can be attached.
  • With its sturdy handle and four large-diameter casters, the system can easily be moved anywhere in the hospital, ensuring that examinations are performed smoothly.

Optimized - Reliable diagnosis with outstanding image quality

  • Xario™ 100 incorporates Canon Medical Systems' unique transmission/reception circuit, Twin Pulser, which acquires clear images by optimizing transmission according to the specific conditions.
  • The system supports various optional imaging technologies such as Precision Imaging, which improves visualization of borders and tissues, ApliPure™, which increases contrast resolution, and Differential THI, which maintains high resolution when imaging deep regions. 
  • A 19-inch LCD monitor, the largest in its class, promotes reliable diagnosis by displaying high-resolution, high-quality images.