Service contracts

Service Contracts

Providing advanced medical imaging technology goes way beyond selling equipment. We provide flexible service and maintenance contracts that fully encompass your needs. Our service contracts are design to improve equipment uptime and provide optimal diagnostic capability that creates clinical confidence for your patient.

As original imaging equipment designers, developers, and manufacturers, we have intricate data and in-depth knowledge on the specifications of our systems’ original materials and parts, equipment parameters, performance capabilities and standards, and have access to comprehensive original test results. Therefore, we are uniquely positioned to service and repair Canon Medical System’s advanced systems.

Emerging developments in service

Understandably, customers prefer to know in advance what is going to happen with their equipment. There is a growing trend towards predictive service in healthcare, as the ‘break and fix’ model becomes obsolete. This can have a positive effect on both cost and downtime. Healthcare facilities can then plan what investments are required to keep their equipment working optimally more easily. This is a development that we see emerging in the near future and are investing in.

Made for Partnership

To maintain a safe and consistent clinical environment, we provide optimal solutions that meet a variety of challenges, including reduced maintenance costs, longer use of the device, and the reassurance of safety.

All our services are carried out to the highest quality standards by leveraging our outstanding knowledge and expertise.

Made for You

Our maintenance contract ensures that optimal system performance is maintained and helps clinicians concentrate on their work without having to worry about issues with their systems.